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About Us

100% Full-blood Wagyu is a dream come true for my wife Baylee and I. I grew up in Wyoming where cattle outnumber the residents in the state 2 to 1. My wife Baylee grew up working on her family-owned cattle ranch. From, the day she could sit in a saddle her father had her on a horse trailing a long cattle herd. My dreams were different as a young man. I dreamed of playing professional basketball and spent my youth working as hard as possible to make that dream come true. Basketball took me to Utah State University, a university steeped in Ag tradition. That is where I met my wife Baylee for the first time, she was a cheerleader at Utah State. Yes, I am that lucky! I found a girl that can get dirty doing ranch work then clean up and dance in front of 10,000 people!


We were married before our senior year, then after graduation, I accepted a job playing professional basketball in Italy.  Italy led to 2 more years of basketball in Gran Canaria, Spain which led to 9 years playing in Madrid, Spain for Real Madrid. Over those 11 years, we had our 3 daughters and son. In Madrid (the big city) is when Baylee and I began to plan our next dream. She convinced me to buy some land, then some horses in northern Utah. The 2 months in the summer is when I began to fall in love with animal husbandry. We started breeding horses, then added goats and a trout pond and finally, the decision was made to add cattle. For us, the breed had to be special, different, unique something that was not readily available. 

    Spain is a country with a rich food history. Long, late dinners with cured Spanish Ham, and chefs cooking the best beef in the world. During one of the long dinners, I had a Wagyu steak and it became clear to me that Wagyu was the cattle breed I needed on my ranch. For the next 5 years, I read books, called producers, Wagyu owners and visited ranches trying to learn everything about the breed.  I learned the importance of 100% full-blood Japanese genetics, the need for long gradual growth to create the intense marbling which leads to the great Wagyu flavor. Wagyu has become our passion, a passion we wish to pass on to our customers in every delicious bite.

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