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100% Fullblood Wagyu

100% Natural Beef Farm to Table

Considered a national treasure in Japan, Wagyu cattle offer an unrivaled eating experience and valuable traits for the commercial cattleman or local beef producer. This unique breed delivers quality and yield grade premiums, calving ease, docile temperament, early maturity, longevity, and heat tolerance.

Natural Health Protocols

  • Genetics and Breeding- We seek out the best genetics and consistently look to improve the herd with two principle goals; Intense marbling and feed conversion rate. River Meadow Wagyu are never crossbred. They are 100% Wagyu. Each animal is DNA-certified to show its direct lineage to its Japanese heritage. Because it’s that heritage that makes Wagyu so incredibly unique. The most important of which is… marbling!

  • Natural Health- Wagyu will adhere to strict all-natural pasture-raised health protocols. 

  • Feed- RMR Wagyu are pasture-raised and supplemented with a traditional/natural blend of grain to cultivate marbling, developed specifically for Wagyu. We implement slow-feeding, allowing the cows to gain weight at a steady, natural pace over 820-850 days, rather than induce rapid weight gain like conventional operations. This is best for the wagyu and also creates a delicate, even marbling.

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Natural Health Protocols
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  •  Creating a stress-free environment is critical for Wagyu and has been identified as a key element in developing marbling. We do our best to mitigate animal stress, offering our cattle the best individual care and attention. We even play the classics, Mozart and Beethoven. Happy cows are healthy cows!

  • River Meadow Ranch is dedicated to holistic animal care. We treat our animals with kindness and respect at all times. Our Wagyu spend their days on the ranch roaming our pastures before moving to our Humane feedlot. They are never administered hormones or sub-therapeutic antibiotics.



  • We are committed to sustainable ranching principals including:

  • Rotational Pasture System to perpetuate our ranch-land ecosystem and diversity

  • Non-irrigated pastures

  • Gravity-fed irrigated pastures for intensive grazing

  • Solar-powered fences

  • Gravity-fed water

  • Supporting local farmers

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