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Embryos Michifuku CFF414 FB 18512 x SCCC Miss Ichirou FB26364

Embryos Michifuku CFF414 FB 18512 x SCCC Miss Ichirou FB26364


This combination will offer good size and high marbeling as well as wonderful mother traits. Miss Ichirou is the star of River Meadow Ranch Wagyu. Her look, her size, her temperment are unequalled. Michifuku adds the marbeling you are looking for. These embryos are Female sexed. C Free’s Michifuku CFF102-CFF414, exactly what breeders are looking for to increase marbling in their cattle herd. CFF414 score an 8 on tenderness, “AA” in SCD, tested free of all genetic defects, and has a 4% inbreeding coefficient. CFF414 is Siring offspring’s with high marbling and tenderness; FB27014, FB27957, & FB27958. Sired by C Free’s TopShelf FB13433 ultrasound scan showed Ribeye Area of 12.3, IMF:03.61, making him a large frame, heavy muscle bull. C Free’s TopShelf FB13433 has produced other exceptional offspring’s; good milking abilities, heavy muscle balanced calves with high tenderness and “AA” SCD scores. CFF414 Maternal side has power house Yasufuku known for thick shoulders, large loin size, and high yield rate. Itomichi FB2126 and Hirashigetayasu FB670 known for balanced, strong growth, with enhanced marbling characteristics. CFF414 Dam Yasumichi FB10021 is a medium frame cow with outstanding marbling markers, a tenderness of 7, “AA” SCD, and IMF: 4.40 on ultrasound scan.


    Embryos are shipped through Hoffman AI

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