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Embryos RCC Shigefuku 059 FB23855 x  SCCC HITO 751D FB 26356

Embryos RCC Shigefuku 059 FB23855 x  SCCC HITO 751D FB 26356


This combination will offer good size and high marbeling as well as wonderful mother traits. The embryos are all female sexed. RCC Shigefuku is sired by the original Shigefuku, the highest content Kedaka bull ever to leave Japan. Shigefuku himself did not leave Japan; only a small amount of semen made the voyage. Shigefuku is a son of Dai 20 Hirashige 287 and is a half-brother to the greatest bull in Japan, Hirashigekatsu. Hirashigekatsu is producing heavy carcasses with extreme marbling. At the 2007 all Japan Zenkyo competition, six of the top ten bulls were sired by Hirashigekatsu. RCC Shigefuku 059s Dam, Sanshiga, is our top flush cow and top income producing cow. She has produced 39 fertilized embryos for us in one flush and consistently flushes double digits. She is a high Tajima cow, weighing by scale 1500 pounds. Sanshiga has every notable sire in her pedigree: Sanjirou, Shigeshigetani, Haruki II, Michifuku, JVP Fukutsuru 068, and she has the greatest cow ever to leave Japan, Suzutani, on both sides of her pedigree and another great Dam of the breed, Okutani, as well.


    Embryos are shipped through Hoffman AI

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